Myopia genes became known

Modern medicine is growing very fast and so we know more and more about the diseases, thanks to which we can fight them more effectively. With the latest research it might be possible to create a cure for myopia.


Myopia, or short-sightedness is an eye disease that affects a large part of society. Arises from the very large size of the eye, making the eye focusing light rays improperly. In a healthy eye, the rays are focused on the retina. Myopic eye focuses the rays before the retina.

This disease occurs most often in about ten years of age, and its most intense development falls on the age of puberty. After 20 years of age changes in vision may deteriorate slightly. The progress of the disease occurs as a result of permanent visual focus such as when reading, working on the computer, women are exposed to the enlargement of the eye disease during pregnancy.

Doctors have already proved that nearsightedness is hereditary. However, only now they were able to find a gene that is responsible for this. And this creates an opportunity for pharmacological treatment of myopia, in the future that will stop the development of defects already in the childhood.

Gene called RASGRF1 is to be blamed, but doctors do not exclude that there could be more this kind of genes. The person who will inherit it from both parents is more exposed to the consequences in the future. This gene is responsible for the very dynamic hypertrophy of the eye, which carries a defective transmission of visual stimuli to the brain.