Laser correction of vision defects

Major visual defects can strongly affect quality of life. They may cause many problems and often prevent normal functioning. Laser surgery can get rid of them once and for all.

The eye is a very delicate and precise organ. So for a long time doctors did not know how to operate it effectively. Subsequent attempts have been risky because of the complications. But now, thanks to the modern technology, surgical vision defects correction is already possible. This method is characterized by an extremely high efficiency.

Causes of sight defects

Defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism arise as a result of improper geometry of the eye. In the case of myopia image is focused in front of the retina, in the case of hyperopia behind it, and in the case of astigmatism in the eye of disturbed rotational symmetry the light is not focused as it should be, in a circular area of the retina, so the picture is blurred asymmetrically (in one  direction).


Laser vision correction allows you to treat all three drawbacks. In limited extent, but the technology is being improved all the time and scope of the defects that may be corrected is still growing.

What is laser surgery

Laser vision correction requires preparation. First, we must undergo qualification tests, during which the doctor will determine whether we can be operated. If so, we have to prepare for surgery, for example, do not wear contact lenses, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol. After this period, we go to the clinic. Laser surgery takes ... a few seconds. Then, we go for a few hours to the recovery room and the doctor will examine operated eye, and we can go home. Usually, right after the surgery there is a feeling of discomfort, burning, feeling that there is some foreign body in the eye, etc. However, it quickly passes. The effects of laser vision correction stabilize for a few weeks and everyone takes it differently - some people may be happy with a sharp vision at the time of leaving the hospital, right after leaving the operating table.