Laser eye color change

Eye color is one of the characteristic feature that each of us have. Unfortunately, some people are not happy with the color of their iris. Should they decide to change the color with a help of laser?

Laser eye color change is becoming increasingly popular procedure, that is used mainly by those who are not satisfied with their natural appearance. However, there are doubts as to the safety of the operation. Opinions of the experts are divided.

Eye color change surgery involves scanning of the eye. Then, the computer that made the scanning controls the laser, which highlights several different points on the eye.

The whole process takes 20 seconds. This method has already changed the color of the iris in 17 patients. The effects are irreversible, so we should consider whether we really want to permanently modify what nature gave us. For now, the color can be changed only from brown to blue.

Some doctors say that eye color change operation is safe for your health and does not harm eyes. Gregg Homer, who patented the laser operation is of this opinion. As previous attempts have shown, none of the patients complained about any sight problems.

However, other experts in the field of ophthalmology believe that this surgery can have dangerous consequences and may lead to severe eye injury.