Stem cells in the fight for sight

Transplantology is a powerful branch of medicine. However, it is powerless without organs for transplantation . Stem cells that can transform into it may be helpful.

This is good news for ophthalmology. Perhaps doctors will soon be able to bring back sight to the blind people, by restoring the eye lens.


Scientists from Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston succeeded to make up losses in the eye caused by diseases of the eye lens. All thanks to the stem cells taken from the skin, which was transformed into lens cells and additionally started perform their function successfully.

Experiments were performed on a specially bred red laboratory mice. Skin cells taken from them have been given a series of chemical processes that led to the transformation into stem cells. Once it has been achieved, they were implanted into the bad mice’s eyes, and they began to transform into the lens cells. Around the world, millions of people are blind or short-sighted. The success of the Boston-based methods is their chance for a new life in true colors.